R is limiting my Memory

I recently purchased a Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, GTX 1650 4G, 500GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 3000MHz with windows operating system. It currently has 465 GB of memory unused. I made sure to install only the 64bit R 4.1.1 from Cran then installed R studio. But it is still limiting my memory use. I am at a loss as what to do, I am performing Natural Language Processing and need at least 4.0G of memory to perform it. I use gc() and removing any objects I no longer need. I would really like to take advantage of all the unused memory in the computer I have.

Can you please elaborate on this? what makes you say that? ideally, Can you provide a REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue?

@andresrcs gives good advice. In the meantime, your question makes it sound like you might be confusing the two kinds of memory. The 465 GB free is available for data and program storage, but isn't used for processing. You have 8GB for processing. Some of that is used by Windows and other programs. It is sometimes recommended that you have three times the amount of RAM (internal storage) as R needs to perform. So if you need 4GB and have 8GB then things will probably work, but there isn't much memory going unused.

This is the code that I am running

Corpus <-"https://d396qusza40orc.cloudfront.net/dsscapstone/dataset/Coursera-SwiftKey.zip"

# create te directory if it does not already exists then reads in the data.

i dir.create(file.path(dir, "Coursera-SwiftKey"), showWarnings = TRUE) #if dir does not exists then creates it
  setwd(file.path(dir, "Coursera-SwiftKey")) # sets the created dir to the current working dir
  temp <- tempfile() # makes temp file to unzip the swiftKeys data
  download.file(Corpus,temp) # downloads to zipfile to the temp file
  file_names <- list.files("file")
  walk(temp, ~ unzip(zipfile = temp))
blogData <-readLines("/Coursera-SwiftKey/final/en_US/en_US.blogs.txt", encoding = "UTF-8")
newsData <-readLines("/Coursera-SwiftKey/final/en_US/en_US.news.txt", encoding = "UTF-8")
twitterData <-readLines("/Coursera-SwiftKey/final/en_US/en_US.twitter.txt", encoding ="UTF-8")
##### using all of the data is not possible becuase the allocation size 
### needed is greater than R can allow for vector in subsiquent steps ###
#### so we will take samples of 20% of each type

blogDatasample <-sample(blogData,  length(blogData)*0.1)
newsDatasample <-sample(newsData , length(newsData)*0.1)
twitterDatasample <-sample(twitterData,length(twitterData)* 0.1)

newsData_c <-as_tibble(newsDatasample)
twitterData_c <-as_tibble(twitterDatasample)
colnames(twitterData_c) <-c("word")

blogData_c <-as_tibble(blogDatasample)
colnames(blogData_c) <-c("word")

AllData <- bind_rows(mutate(twitterData_c,source_type = "Twitter"),
                     mutate(blogData_c, source_type = "News"),
                     mutate(newsData_c, source_type = "Blog"))

AllData$word<- gsub("[^[:alnum:]]", " ", AllData$word )

AllData$word<-gsub("\\d", ' ', AllData$word)
AllData$word <-gsub("\\b[t]\\b", "not", AllData$word)
AllData$word <-gsub("\\s[ll]\\s", "will", AllData$word)
AllData$word<-gsub("\\s[ve]\\s", "have", AllData$word)

rm( newsData_c, twitterData_c, newsData, twitterData, blogData, blogDatasample, newsDatasample, twitterDatasample, blogData_c)

AllData1gram <-AllData %>%
  unnest_tokens(word, word) %>%
  count(word, sort = TRUE) %>%
  mutate(p = n / sum(n))

  unnest_tokens(trigram,word, token = "ngrams", n = 3) %>%
  separate(trigram, c("word1", "word2", "word3"), sep = " ") %>%
  filter(!word1 %in% stop_words$word,
         !word2 %in% stop_words$word,
         !word3 %in% stop_words$word) %>%
  count(word1, word2, word3, sort = TRUE)
AllData_trigram <-AllData_trigram%>%
  mutate(p = n / sum(n))
AllData_trigram <-AllData_trigram%>%
  filter(word1 != word2)

AllDatahexagram <-AllData%>%
  unnest_tokens(ngram, word, token = "ngrams", n = 6) %>%
  mutate(ngramID = row_number()) %>% 
  unite(skipgramID, source_type, ngramID) %>%
  unnest_tokens(word, ngram)


skipgram_probs <- AllDatahexagram %>%
  pairwise_count(word, skipgramID, diag = TRUE, sort = TRUE)%>%
  mutate(p = n / sum(n))

normalized_prob_tri <- skipgram_probs%>%
  rename(word1 = item1, word2 = item2) %>%
  left_join(AllData1gram %>%
              select(word1 = word, p1 = p),
            by = "word1") %>%
  left_join(AllData1gram %>%
              select(word2 = word, p2 = p),
            by = "word2") %>%
  mutate(p_together = p / p1 / p2)


AllData_trigram <-AllData_trigram%>%
  select(word2, word3, p3)
  left_join(AllData_trigram, by = "word2") %>%
  mutate(p_together = p / p1 / p2/p3)    

pmi_matrix <- normalized_prob_tri %>%
  mutate(pmi = log10(p_together)) %>%
  cast_sparse(word1, word2, pmi)

This is what the Rstudio that I am using in the upload. If I am limited by processing power for this.

From the (very helpful) snapshot you posted, it looks like you have 2 GB free. In that case, more memory won't help. The one caveat is that the snapshot tells you memory at one point in the program. It's possible that memory use peaked somewhere else. If so, that could cause garbage collection to be called a lot--slowing things down. Calling gcinfo(TRUE) tells R to display information each time it runs garbage collection.

R is not limiting your memory allocation, you have 8GB of RAM memory available and your code is not even close to use that space, the hard disk capacity you are remarking is not used for processing purposes, just for storage so it is not relevant in this case. R doesn't allocate any more RAM memory simply because it is not needed for the code you are running, one of the reasons for that is that most R functions are executed serially by just one processor core, if you want to speed up processing time, look into parallelizing your code.

Sorry about the assumption. I had never "noticed" the memory indicator for R. I did some research on the internet and found this article Allocating memory to application in Windows10 the Priority to high through task manager and it FINALLY let the entire code run. I really wish Windows would stop "trying" to be helpful. :crazy_face:

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