R is not recognizing "While"

I am getting an error in R with R studio
Error in While(A < 10) : could not find function "While"

This is my code:

First script in R

A <- 1
B <- "Sukhen Dey"

While (A < 10 )

Print (B)
A <- A + 1

message("End of Job--")

I just installed R 3.6.2 (2019-12-12). I have reinstalled it. Same error.
Any Clues? Please help.

In R, this is lowercase while() not While()
see ?Control help page


Hi, and welcome!

I'll offer some much more general advice on learning R. Most users come to it with prior background in procedural/imperative programming. It's natural that we want to apply those tools to using R. And they do have a place, but it's mainly behind the scenes.

The best of what R has to offer is a richness of packages (they are case sensitive, too!) containing functions. Think school algebra f(x) = y.

One or more arguments, x produces an output y, which can be as simple as a vector of numbers or may be a very structured object capturing a wealth of results of application of f.

That's not to say that there is no programming logic in R. For example function calls on a data frame can be chained using the %>% operator, similarly to the | pipe operator. And you may find yourself using ifelse() to make binary tests and return one result on success and failure.

Therefore, the first place to look when solving a problem with R is at the off-the-shelf functions that already do that.

Good luck!

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Thanks. That works. I am not used to case-sensitivity in most languages. But that makes perfect sense.

Glad it works!

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