R Markdown Lesser-Known Tips & Tricks #4: Looks Better, Works Better

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One idea for a future post could how to incorporate executive summaries into an R Markdown document. I've found only a few posts online for pulling variables up to the top of a document. And personally, I've had limited success with those (but still working through it!). The examples you've shown in these posts have been pretty detailed and helpful, and that could be helpful for the community.

Thanks for this post as well!

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You might have mentioned these examples were for Quarto. The markdown chunk options were confusing until Google told me these were Quarto chunk options for the lines starting with "#|".

Thanks for reading the post! The hashpipe #| works in R Markdown as well. It was added in knitr 1.35. We mention it in the second post of the R Markdown Tips & Tricks series (#6): R Markdown Lesser-Known Tips & Tricks #2: Cleaning Up Your Code - RStudio and you can find out more in Yihui's post: News from knitr v1.35 to v1.37: Alternative Syntax for Chunk Options, and Some New Engines - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉

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