R Markdown not Working through R-Studio

I had recently tried to generate a R Markdown file but it keeps insisting that I download and install markdown and knitr. I have both installed and had previously encountered an issue where knitr was not loading the latest version of xfun. I force installed the file into my directory from c-ran website but now I get the following warnings/errors: See Image)


I can choose to convert a current script in the IDE to be a r-markdown file but I cannot choose an output via the knit function as it pops up that markdown and knit r need to be installed. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

As you are on window, can you try installing the binaries version to see if this is the source compilation that fails.

install.packages("knitr", type = "binary")

Or change the repository to Public Package Manager for example

install.packages("knitr", repos = "https://packagemanager.rstudio.com/cran/latest")

It seems there were missing binaries in the CRAN mirror you used.

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