R Markdown randomly doesn't compile into pdf

Hello there, i'm new with R markdown and I don't undestand why sometimes it can create a pdf file, and sometimes it doesn't work

like, it works sometimes, and if I just add one letter, it doesn't work
a simple letter, not even with an accent or whatever

it doesn't even give me an error message, it just doesn't compile into the pdf, and also it randomly opens a "HTML preview" even if I hit "knit to PDF"

and that's really bad :frowning:

help would be appreciated much, thank you in advance

The surest way to get good help on this forum is to create a minimum reproducible example that replicates your issue.

My problem seems to be solved, I had RStudio installed from anaconda3, I uninstalled it and re-installed it independently from anaconda3 and I don't have the issue anymore

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