R Markdown Tables - getting started

Would anyone have a good resource handy for creating knitr kables using disparate data sources? I have a bunch of numbers from statistical analyses that I want to put into a table in my R markdown document, but I'm not sure of the best way to go about this. They are results from several statistical tests.

I apologize that this question is kind of vague, but this reflects my lack of knowledge of where to start. Help appreciated!

This doesnt seem like its actually an R markdown question, rather a data transformation question.
You are asking about how to construct a single data.frame from different sources.
This might involve joins, but more likely constructing columns or rows programatically.


(mean_of_iris_setosa_petal_length_df  <- filter(iris,
    summarise(mean_of_iris_setosa_petal_length =

(max_miles_per_gallon_mpg_audi_df  <- filter(mpg,
    summarise(max_miles_per_gallon_mpg_audi =

(my_table <- tibble(mean_of_iris_setosa_petal_length_df,

# A tibble: 1 x 2
mean_of_iris_setosa_petal_length max_miles_per_gallon_mpg_audi
<dbl>                         <int>
  1                             1.46                            31

Got it. I appreciate the example! Thanks much!

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