R notebook creation

I get the following error when I want to create a new notebook in rstudio

"One or more packages required for R Notebook creation were not installed."

Latest versions of rproject and rstudio are installed.

install the required packages, I think it might be

install.packages("rmarkdown", dependencies=TRUE)
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unfortunately the problem is not solved.

If the install was not successfull , provide the error you encountered.

Create R Notebook requires an updated version of the markdown package.
Do you want to install this package now?
Yes or No ---->Yes
after then
Error writing code to file c:/users/xxx./Appdata/lokal/Temp/69e4-f252-2a22-3aa5: system error 3

"One or more packages required for R Notebook creation were not installed."

It seems like there is some issue with your Operating Systems defaults vis-a-vis temporary data locations ...
Is this directly as it was from the output or have you edited it in some way.
On a windows PC I would expect the head path to be Users, and for Appdata to contain Local not lokal, but maybe you have some regional variation. Is your windows user name xxx. ?

yes, My windows user name is xxx.

When I reinstalled r project and rstudio, I got the following message:

Create R Notebook requires updated versions of the following packages: base64enc, digest, evaluate, glue, highr, htmltools, jsonlite, knitr, magrittr, markdown, mime, stringi, stringr, tinytex, xfun, yaml.

failed again.

After installing these packages written, the problem was solved.
Thank you

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