R Package for "ISO" data in USA

I am looking to find an R package that can pull utility data from ISO's across USA. The equivalent of this that I am aware of in a different language is : https://pyiso.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
The closest that I have found on R is (https://github.com/cwBerkeley/code/blob/master/CAISO-oasisAPI-operations.R). However, this is only limited to CAISO and has not been updated in a while. If anybody is aware of good packages that help access this data, that will be extremely useful.


If you already have Python package that fits your use-case, you might as well use it with reticulate package.

From the looks of it, the return value is a dataframe, so it maps quite nicely from pandas dataframe to R's dataframe that you can use for other analysis you might do.

The unfortunate thing about that is I am having a terribly hard time installing the package. I have tried to notify the developers and work with a few Python programmers - but the installation of the package itself remains unresolved

Given that two Python programmers didn't manage to solve, I doubt that I can be of any help, unfortunately.