R Package for Neural Prophet Facebook

Does anyone know how to use Neural Prophet (Facebook) in R?



The modeltime package has two functions for this. See the reference

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The tidymodels package includes modeltime. You might be interested in tidymodels for the other functions it provides.

The tidymodels package includes modeltime .

Sort of but not really. It doesn't pre-install or attached modeltime. It lists it and others that we recommend for specific types of analyses:

> tag_show()
All tags:

Bayesian analysis: 'tidyposterior', 'tidybayes'
deep learning: 'keras'
ensembles: 'modeltime.ensemble', 'stacks'
feature engineering: 'keras', 'textrecipes'
parallel processing: 'furrr'
parameter tuning: 'finetune'
resampling: 'infer', 'tidyposterior'
text analysis: 'tidytext', 'keras', 'textrecipes'
time series: 'timetk', 'tidyquant', 'sweep', 'modeltime', 'tsibble', 'fable'
extra recipes: 'embed', 'textrecipes', 'themis'
extra models: 'discrim', 'plsmod', 'rules', 'poissonreg', 'baguette'
visualization: 'dotwhisker', 'ggforce', 'patchwork', 'gganimate', 'ggrepel'
interpretation: 'vip', 'lime', 'DALEXtra'

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