R package translations not available for this version of R [4.1.0]

I asked this question about a year ago and never got a response. In the process of updating my packages in my R version 4.1.0 (2021-05-18) on my Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS desktops, I found a package on my Windows 10 system, "translations," that was lacking on my Ubuntu desktop, so I tried to install the package on my Ubuntu desktop. I got the response:

Installing package into ‘C:/Users/hunsickerl/Documents/Home/R/win-library/4.1’
(as ‘lib’ is unspecified)
Warning in install.packages :
package ‘translations’ is not available for this version of R

So I tried to mount "translations" on my Windows desktop, and got the following response:

Error in library(translations) :
package ‘translations’ does not have a namespace and should be re-installed

Indeed, there was no 'translations' folder in my personal libPath, but there was a 'translations' folder in the system Program Files/R/R 4.1.0/library folder, and it had all the subfolders that would be expected of a legitimate R package. It was evidently installed as a system package by the R installer.

I can find no information on the web about an R package translations. Is this package needed for R 4.1.0? Has it simply been copied from prior R versions in the process of updates? Does anyone have an explanation of the apparent dropping of the 'translations' package in current R versions?

Thanks to anyone that can explain this anomaly, and let me know whether the translations package is needed for my Windows version?

Larry Hunsicker

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