R plot doesn't work on my Windows, but plot.default does

Hi guys,

I'm doing an R course as part of a data engineering master's and I'm struggling to get the demo ("graphics") to run as expected.

I created a stack overflow question here:

...with pictures and a detailed explanation. Does anyone here know what might be the problem? I'm missing class because the data visualisation just isn't stable and though I have a Mac too which I guess would work better, I really hate to switch devices and not fixing the problem.

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Please do not just drop a link to a SO question, it is against our cross-posting policy.

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I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I hadn't read the faq or the policy. It's just that I already had that question written n SO when I discovered your community and i hadn't seen much activity on the original post and thought to try here where there is a higher concentration of R experts.

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