R related question

Hello! I am doing an R assignment and would love some help please :slight_smile:

I have a data set that contains 4 variables. The two variables im focused on are math and reading scores. My task is to create a new variable which is the average of reading and math scores. How do I get an average of two variables? I know how to get them individually but Im just confused about them together.

thank you

Hi, welcome!

Homework inspired questions are welcome here, but you have to tell us what have you tried so far? what is your specific problem? We are more inclined towards helping you with specific coding problems rather than doing your work for you.

For guidelines about how to properly ask homework related questions here, please read our homework policy.

@andresrcs is right of course. If you are stuck at step one, however, see the R for Data Science text on the dplyr::mutate function to create a new variable that is a transformation of one or more existing variable.

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