R & RStudio free licensing for education

We're a government-affiliated training institute that educate people about statistics.

We want to use R & R Studio Desktop Free Open Source (under AGPLv3), in order to educate the statistics-related person on how to use the R software.

We will install the program on our PC(about 100) only to teach trainees how to use the program.

We will not distribute or share programs and will not communicate between or outside of each PC.

Hence, the question is: Can R& R Studio be always installed on our classroom PC and used for education?

I'd greatly appreciate any response.

Welcome to RStudio Community.

I can see no issues with your setting up R and RStudio at your institution. It's already used in similar ways at thousands of institutions around the world.

You might also look into using rstudio.cloud for your training workshops. You can learn how to set that up here: https://rstudio.cloud/learn/guide. Here's a nice article on it https://datasciencebox.org/infrastructure/rscloud/

If you're interested in a commercial license, we have discounts for when these tools are used in academia for education and for research. Reach out to sales@rstudio.com if you'd like to talk about those licenses.

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