R Script , DropBox and SQLite database Deployment in ShinyApps.io...Please Help

I am a R newbie. I have a R script which I will be scheduling to run once a day and populate SQLite Db. I have few questions about how deployment will work.

  1. Does ShinyAppsioi server with basic installation allows SQLite Db of size approx 2 GB or more?

  2. In case I let DB file install on DropBox how will I access? I am not in favor of this option as I tried uploading Db file in dropbox using rdrop2 package, but drop_upload failed to upload large file

I really need your help to keep me going. Later I would like to have my front end Shiny GUI access this Db file and display the data, but let me first resolve the simple server side R Script populating Db and storage issue.