R Server on LINUX- Open program script from a folder different from your home folder

Is there a way to open a program script file that is located in a different folder than your home folder? I attempted to do it in the LINUX terminal and it works in the terminal but doesn't pass through to R.

What did you do?
An example would be great. I do it often and never encounter an issue (unless the path is wrong)

This is the code I tried using to open the files. It just opens it in the terminal instead of opening the script. The picture shows the program open in the terminal.

agouveia@p-lin-01:~$ xdg-open /home/kjackson/Test/test.R

There is a "Files" pane in RStudio that should be there. You can go to View > Show Files or just do Ctrl+5 on Windows to have it appear. By default, you will be in your home directory or the project directory if working in a project. Within the Files pane, on the right side next to the RStudio cube logo, select the ellipsis (...) icon to browse to any directory on your disk.

Works.. Thanks, michaelbgracia!!

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