R Session Aborted after upgrade and re install

I upgraded to R 4.2.0 and am using RStudio 2022.06.0

I used pacman to install all of the libraries I use.

Now when I run pacman to import the libraries I get the Session Aborted error.

Is there a way to debug this or has anyone else ran into this?

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You need to update all your packages since they were compiled for an older R version

update.packages(checkBuilt = TRUE)

After fixing the errors that arise from update.packages(), and then running pacman::p_load(), I still get the same error

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I found out what the issue is. The xlsx package version 0.6.5 doesn't work with some combination of R 4.2, RStudio 2022.06.0, and loading the package with pacman version 0.5.1

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