R Session Aborted - Fatal Error

I am having a problem where R Studio is suddenly crashing when I try to run a specific line of code with the error message "R Session Aborted, R encountered a fatal error. the session was terminated."

The code I am attempting to run is as follows:


DATA_DIR = ("C:/Users/Madalyn/Documents/Actographs by Treatment/Orexin")
list.files(DATA_DIR, pattern= ".txt|.csv")
metadata = link_dam_metadata("OrexinMetadata.csv", result_dir = DATA_DIR)
metadata$stop_datetime = as.character(metadata$stop_datetime)

It always crashes as I am attempting to run the last command in the script. This script, and all commands included, works perfectly fine with other data sets (the other data sets are actually LARGER then the one I am attempting to run here), but I cannot figure out what the problem is. If anybody has any ideas as to how I can fix this, PLEASE let me know!

I have done the usual preliminary troubleshooting steps: uninstalled and then reinstalled R and R-studio, and restarted my computer.

Here is the error code from Session Log:
06 Oct 2020 15:10:38 [rsession-Madalyn] ERROR system error 10053 (An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine) [request-uri: /events/get_events]; OCCURRED AT void __cdecl rstudio::session::HttpConnectionImpl::sendResponse(const class rstudio::core::http::Response &) src/cpp/session/http/SessionWin32HttpConnectionListener.cpp:113; LOGGED FROM: void __cdecl rstudio::session::HttpConnectionImpl::sendResponse(const class rstudio::core::http::Response &) src/cpp/session/http/SessionWin32HttpConnectionListener.cpp:118

It may take substantial effort for you to make a reprex, but its probably your best bet for a solution.
FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners
With such a niche issue relating to a package (damr) best advice is to reach out to package authors/contributors.
Here is where they track package issues.

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