R Shiny and audit trail for user data

Hi all,

we introduce Shiny apps to a corporate environment and have so far been impressed by the speed of development combined with great design. However, one thing that business users are lacking is an audit trail for input.

Currently, we save all user input via an editable DT::datatable to a file, together with user id and date. We then build the new data set based on all stored user input - or revert to previous states, if desired.

It works, but feels very hands-on, and I wonder if there is a more professional approach available in Shiny? How do big ERP solutions handle this, and is something transactional like that possible with Shiny + other technologies?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @dampfschlag. I don't know if the following link can help. It is about logging the shiny event.

Hi @raytong, thanks that package is definitely interesting, and we should use it.

However, I a more looking into something specific for the data, like incremental data versioning - it should really be about having transparent and quickly accessible, who edited what - and how to revert to earlier states of the data, if desired.


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