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Hi everyone,

I am wanting to make a secure Shiny app, but have it run on a desktop. I'm not a technology genius and want to do things as simple as possible. Does anyone know how to do this securely and at a very low cost? My goal is to use the open source Shiny download.

Thank you!

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You can run a shiny app from within rstudio but I find this un practical, if you are looking for a low cost solution, you can implement your own shiny server using a Raspberry Pi and access the app through your local network



An alternative is to run it on the cloud. See http://www.shinyapps.io (I am not affiliated with the vendor and receive no referral fees). They have a low volume plan for free with $9, $39, $99 and $299 tiers for more volume, more applications, more connection time.



I have no experience with it, but I think this is the problem that RInno is trying to solve. Give this a look:



This sounds like a great solution. I am worried about data security/maintenance. I'm not a networking guy.



This may be the solution that I am looking for. Do you know anyone that knows more? If so, please send them my way!



One of the authors is W. Lee Peng. He's been doing R as desktop applications for a while: https://github.com/wleepang/DesktopDeployR

You should look at his work and if you have specific questions maybe ask them in the RInno issue tracker on github.

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I wrote up a description of how to use Electron to package a Shiny app as a standalone desktop application.

I used the R Shiny Electron template, which was inspired by this talk.

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As @hinkelman discussed, RInno uses Electron instead of the default browser.

And, @jdlong, although W. Lee Peng has been building desktop applications with R and was the inspiration for the RInno project, RInno takes it a step further than DesktopDeployR by compiling it into a standard application with Inno Setup and using code as configuration instead of having to understand the entire framework to make it work.


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