R shiny - deploy an app without server


I have a statistical cursus and my computer skills are limited. Apologize if this topic was already studied but i didn't find resources about the subject.

I would like to know if there is a way to launch/deploy a R Shiny application without use shinyapps.io, shinyserver etc.

The files inside app.R repertory are confidential so i can't allow users of the company to access the files/code.

I read dockerizing application could be one alternative but i don't find resources on a intern enterprise context.

Is there other way, more archaic, like install R/RStudio of the laptop's users, share repertory contening files and code (put a password on repertory, files, app.R (i'm not sure it's possible)...) and run App with a terminal command ?

Thanks in advance

If your users are on windows you could consider RInno for installing local shiny apps.

These are some of its characteristics

  • Provides a clean user experience similar to installing any other program
  • Requires no R programming skills nor a previous installation of R to install your app, many users don’t even know R is being used
  • Does not share data/code with a third party or require server software
  • Can be extended to support continuous installation from GitHub and/or BitBucket
  • Can be easily uninstalled using the Windows Control Panel
  • Is low maintenance for R developers because most steps are fully automated
  • Logs start up errors so that you can follow up with specific user’s needs

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