R Shiny html markdown report causes UseMethod error

Html report downloads and causes an Error:
Warning: Error in UseMethod: no applicable method for 'filter' applied to an object of class "c('reactiveExpr', 'reactive', 'function')" [No stack trace available]
Reactive data is used for making reports

Part of server code fo report:

owd <- setwd(tempdir())
    file.copy(src, 'reppu_report_template.Rmd', overwrite = TRUE)
    out <- rmarkdown::render('reppu_report_template.Rmd',
                             params = list(
                               data_BU = inter_data_filter_react_report(),
                               data_BU_month = inter_data_filter_react_report_month(),
                               organizations = input$inter_filter_org,
                               timelimit = input$inter_filter_time
                               en_time = update_time()
                               projectdata = projdata(), 
                               userdata = userinfo()
    file.rename(out, file)

R markdown filtering which causes error

# Take year from date slicer
startyear <- parse_date_time(params$timelimit[1],"ym") %>% year()
endyear <- parse_date_time(params$timelimit[2],"ym") %>% year()

# Calculate no of unique user accounts
usersum <- userdata() %>%
  filter(tolower(user_reppu_cscorgnamefi) %in% params$organizations) %>%
  filter(logindisabled != TRUE | is.na(logindisabled))  %>%
  filter(year >= startyear & year <= endyear) %>%
  distinct(id_user) %>%

# Calculate no of projects opened within timeframe
startInterval <- as.Date(parse_date_time(params$timelimit[1],"ym"))
stopInterval <- as.Date(parse_date_time(params$timelimit[2],"ym"))

# Allow range from first day of starting month and last day of ending month
times <- interval(startInterval, stopInterval + months(1) - days(1) )

opened_projects <-  projectdata() %>%
  filter(tolower(cscorgnamefi) %in% params$organizations) %>%
  filter(!is.na(cscprjopendate) & cscprjopendate %within% times & cscprjscope != "personal") %>%
  select(cscprjnum) %>%
  distinct(cscprjnum) %>%

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