R shiny module with save button and tabs

I am setting up a module, with the purpose of having two data tables in the same app, in different tabs. I would like to be able to edit and save each table separately. In my code, only the first "save" button works, and it saves both data tables. Ideally, each save button should work and save only the corresponding table.

Here is my problematic code:


myModuleUI <- function(id,nam) {
  ns <- shiny::NS(id)
    ##### needs corrections!!
    tabsetPanel(tabPanel("XXX",  dteditmodUI(ns(nam)),actionButton(ns("reset"), "Reset to Saved", styleclass = "warning"),  actionButton(ns("saveBtn"), label = "save"),  br(),
                         id=ns('tabset'), type = 'tabs')

myModule <- function(input, output, session,df,nam,taby,wb) {
  Grocery_List_Results <- shiny::callModule(
    id = nam,
    thedata =dfr)

  # ### save  part
  savd = data.frame(isolate(dfr()))
  observeEvent(input$saveBtn, {
    ## Add worksheets
    st = paste(taby,as.character(unclass(Sys.time())),sep="_")
    addWorksheet(wb, st)
    writeData(x = Grocery_List_Results$thedata,
              wb = wb,
              sheet = st)
    saveWorkbook(wb, "wb.xlsx", overwrite = T)
    savd <<- Grocery_List_Results$thedata
    shinyalert(title = "Saved!", type = "success")
  observeEvent(input$reset, {
    shinyalert(title = "Reset to saved data!", type = "info")


ui <- fluidPage(
  h3('Grocery List'),

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  df= data.frame(
    Buy = c('Tea', 'Biscuits', 'Apples',"Tea","Apples"),
    Quantity = c(7, 2, 5,9,44),
    stringsAsFactors = FALSE
  file = "AICs.xlsx"
  wb <- loadWorkbook(file)
  shiny::callModule(myModule, 'myModule1',nam="groc",df=df,taby="Tea",wb)
  shiny::callModule(myModule, 'myModule1',nam="groc2",df=df,taby="Apples",wb)

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

I posted the issue also here:https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63479730/r-shiny-module-with-save-button

Hope for your input! Many thanks!!

Afraid I can't run your code to try it.
I assumed you were using

but I get error
Error in dteditmodUI(ns(nam)) : could not find function "dteditmodUI"

and I don't see mention of dteditmodUI in the github example/demo info

You are right- I am sorry!

I use the modified version of DTedit:


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