R/Shiny Programmer - WorldCover PBC (agricultural insurance)

R/Shiny Programmer - WorldCover PBC (agricultural insurance)

paid / remote, we prefer time zones from GMT-5 to GMT+3 / 3 months

Location: Remote (ideally GMT-5 to GMT+3 time zones)
Application deadline: March 21, 2019

WorldCover seeks a talented short-term R programmer with 1+ year experience building interactive R/Shiny applications and modules. This is a highly technical role, you will work closely with our Research, Engineering and Insurance teams.

WorldCover offers parametric weather-index insurance to farmers and agribusinesses across Africa. As we develop our product range (across crops and natural perils) we are looking to upgrade our parametric pricing engine and graphical utilities.

One of the key objectives for this gig is to modularize existing R packages and R/Shiny applications (abstract all model parameters and input logic so our analysts are able to easily swap and combine model configurations and test new features).

A second objective is to adapt an existing R/Shiny application (a front-end for our loss-estimation / pricing engine) to expose new functionality, and allow non-programmers to import ad-hoc configurations and export generated reports.

This assignment does not require any prior actuarial knowledge, all theoretical underpinnings and performance measures will be provided -- although prior experience in the agricultural and/or insurance sector is always valuable.

Required Qualifications

  • You are used to planning and tracking epics and stories using Agile project management platforms (JIRA, ClubHouse, or similar)
  • Familiarity with Git and Github. You know how to use git rebase -i. You have sent, reviewed, and/or merged pull requests before.
  • You can write “production-grade” models in R, i.e. packages and functions pass unit tests, system log messages are available for debugging, errors are handled effectively, configuration variables are abstracted, code meets agreed benchmark criteria, server resource utilization is sane.
  • You can track and address R performance issues using RStudio debugger and profvis
  • You are familiar with R package build utilities (devtools, roxygen2, pkgdown). Ideally, you should have a couple of R packages on GitHub.
  • You are proficient with the following R packages: data.table, httr, lubridate, ggplot2, plumber, sp/sf, raster, leaflet, shiny, shinydashboard, rmarkdown, DBI, zoo
  • You have used or interfaced with interactive charting libraries (D3.js, highchart, plotly, dygraphs, or similar) and/or have some familiarity with R htmlwidgets package

Desired Qualifications

  • You have a good grasp of Linux, cloud architecture (Azure), application containerization, and authentication mechanisms
  • You can hack LaTeX report templates
  • Familiarity with Python is a plus. Familiarity with databases and at least one scientific discipline is helpful.
  • You enjoy working with gigs of data, building graphical dashboards, and interactive reports
  • You enjoy building complex R/Shiny applications using Shiny modules

Apply: Please direct message me on this forum, mbacou >> Message

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