R Shiny removeUI is not working on selectInput


I have shiny selectInput with choices and a button. so when I click on the button shiny input has to be remove. But it is removing don't know why it is!. I have used shiny removeUI like below:


  # Define UI
  ui <- fluidPage(
    actionButton("rmv", "Remove UI"),
      inputId=paste("FilterOperator",1,sep = "_"),
      label = "",
      choices=sort(unique(c("Begins with","Equals to","Not Equals to","Contains","Not Contains"))),
      selectize = F


  # Server logic
  server <- function(input, output, session) {
    observeEvent(input$rmv, {
        selector = paste("FilterOperator",1,sep="_"),
        multiple = TRUE,
        immediate = TRUE,

  # Complete app with UI and server components
  shinyApp(ui, server)

Is it removeUI wont work on selectInput? please help me anyone on this.

removeUI needs a string that is accepted by jQuery's selector

            selector = paste0("div:has(> #FilterOperator", "_", 1, ")"),
            multiple = TRUE,
            immediate = TRUE,
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Yes, it is removing UI but not completely. When I am trying to get the value after the removing the above UI, still it is returning with selected value before instead of NULL

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