R shiny template for R script batch processing with GUI

Hi all,
Over few months working on my own project I've developed the template for batch processing of multiple files with R script wrap up in nice moder GUI using shiny.
Would be great if you could tell my if anyone can find it useful :slightly_smiling_face:
Here is a githut link for the shiny template:

And here is a github link for real life application of this template:

The idea is to allows user to load multiple files and perform different operation in the same way.
Template consist of utility for upload, loading, saving files as well checking of the file structure in order to be sure if the uploaded file is correct.
It also allows user for selection what analysis should be done, and after analysis generat plots that can be modified by user.
The template support and is embedded with example data, and analysis for it. Analysis can be done using standard operation (single core) shown in example 1 and 2,or calculate on multiple cores (example 3).

Let me know what do you think about this workflow.

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