R Shiny with a markdown report in one of the tabPanel


I am trying to create a Shiny App with the Shiny board with some tabPanels in the body. One of the tabPanels has an entire markdown report describing in detail what the app is about and how it is was developed. This markdown has a lot Latex equations. Markdown by itself when knitted shows all the equations but doesn't shown them in the Shiny when app.R is run.
All I have done is
knit("Rmarkdown.Rmd",quiet=T) at the beginning of the app
and includeMarkdown("Rmarkdown.md") inside the tabPanel in the UI function. None of the equations translate. I tried to wrap it with "withMathJax" like below
withMathJax(includeMarkdown("Rmarkdown.md")). still doesn't work.

Any ideas ?




Please have a look at the two following demos.



My understanding is that mathjax equation in shiny have two \ where they have a single \ in Rmarkdown.

I guess one approach would be to knit your markdown to html and then include that html. Other people with more knowledge and experience on this could offer better solution.



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