R Studio Absolute beginner. Please help!

Hi, I’m an absolute beginner with no coding experience.

I’m trying to I stall tidyverse on R Studio but it keeps giving me a Conflicts notification. What can I do to resolve this? Please help!

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Hi @EniS , welcome!

This is a normal problem when you start in RStudio. Because, for install packages you use install.packages('tidyverse') but for load you dont need use ' '. Only put library(tidyverse)

So, in the next opportunity remember this rule:

install.packages('tidyverse') # For install

library(tidyverse) # For load

Make the same with other libraries or packages.

And for avoid the conflicts between tidyverse family, when you need put for example filter of dplyr packages is necesary put double : :, like this:

dplyr::filter() # for use the filte rof dplyr 
stats::filter() # for use the filte rof stats

There is no error. It's just providing some information that there are naming conflicts for some functions following loading tidyverse, e.g. if you use filter() it will use the dplyr function and not the stats one.

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Thanks so much ! Appreciate the help !

Thank you for your help

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