R Studio Cloud Project won't Open

My project won't open. I tried this in Chrome and Internet Explorer (I know...I'm working on a client's computer and can't download any other browsers) and in an incognito window. An hour ago it was telling me I could not access my project in my own account. Now I get this message:

"Task da50c8db-e103-4507-bca3-d85bbe0f4da3 failed: Timeout waiting for application=1802300 deployment=5029006 replicas to become ready: [{'name': 'application-1802300-deployment-5029006-774st', 'node': 'ip-172-16-50-29.ec2.internal'}, {'events': [{'message': 'MountVolume.MountDevice failed for volume "volume-5195668" : rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error attaching volume='45124355-a32b-4591-ab8f-a17ea3f9f330': Failed to attach image='45124355-a32b-4591-ab8f-a17ea3f9f330': Error running command 'sudo -u root rbd-nbd -c /etc/ceph/ceph.d7adb873-3863-4e92-87af-9a8223ec5c53.conf map --exclusive lucid_production_rbd_0/45124355-a32b-4591-ab8f-a17ea3f9f330' (return code: 1, stdout: stderr: sudo: unable to resolve host ip-172-16-50-29\n2020-02-24 21:26:45.838351 7f01d57fa700 -1 librbd::ManagedLock: 0x7f01cc0626c0 handle_acquire_lock: failed to acquire exclusive lock:(30) Read-only file system\nrbd-nbd: failed to acquire exclusive lock: 2020-02-24 21:26:45.838376 7f01fa35a000 -1 librbd: failed to request exclusive lock: (30) Read-only file system\n(30) Read-only file system)', 'last_timestamp': '2020-02-24T21:26:46+00:00', 'type': 'Warning', 'reason': 'FailedMount'}, {'message': 'MountVolume.MountDevice failed for volume "

https://rstudio.cloud/project/940530 This is the project.
Thank you!

Hi Arden,

I'm sorry to hear you are having issues. Unfortunately we are currently experiencing degraded service on rstudio.cloud. You can check for incidents that might cause outages such as this on our status page at https://status.rstudio.com/

We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as we can and apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. If you continue to experience problems after the incident has been resolved please let us know so we can investigate further.



We have repaired the issue with our system and your project should be working normally now. Sorry about the disruption, and please let us know if you still see an issue.


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