R Studio connect content not visible

We have set up a HA Rconnect instance and using SAML for authentication. Now when a user logins and tries to see the published content he is not able to see. We have elevated his privileges to admin but still facing http 404 error. While I am able to see the content published with same admin privilege. Does anyone have any idea or solution to what can be the issue.

What sort of sharing settings do you have configured for the content in question? By default, only the publisher of a certain piece of content can see it. See https://docs.rstudio.com/connect/user/content-settings/#content-access for more details.

Hi Currently we have provided shared settings as All users - login required. But when the other user logs in its 404 error

Are other users affected, too? Does the 404 error occur with a custom URL or a generic URL? Does the user see the content in question in the Content overview page?

BTW, since RStudio Connect is one of our professional products, you can also open a support ticket, c.f. https://docs.rstudio.com/support/#open-a-support-ticket.

Currently we have 3 users. The third user is not able to see the content published even with above mentioned permissions. We are using generic URL only and it is just basic plots for testing purpose. We have pointed the instances to the same shared directory but on checking the connection log below is what we see for 3rd user
Unable to determine the default file for app 3 with path /content/3: Cannot open manifest: open /mount/rstudio-connect/apps/3/3/manifest.json: no such file or directory

Do you think we should raise a ticket

Yes, I think it makes sense to raise a ticket here.

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