R Studio desktop freezes

MacOS Z Sonoma 14.0
Rstudio Desktop Version 2023.09.0-daily+349 (2023.09.0-daily+349)

This also happened in earlier versions of both of the OS and the App. If I scroll back (move scrollbar upwards) in the editor window Rstudio sometimes (not always) freezes and needs to be force-restarted.

Usually the daily binaries are not meant for production as they might be unstable. Have you tried with RStudio-2023.06.2-561 (The official tested release) ?

Thanks. I don't see the problem (yet) with https://download1.rstudio.org/electron/macos/RStudio-2023.06.2-561.dmg.

Also happens with Version 2023.06.2+561 (2023.06.2+561). Only when scrolling backwards.

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