R studio does not give results anymore

Rstudio cloud does not give any results. I wanted to calculate my standard deviation but R keeps telling my this:

> n   <- sum(!is.na(dsCase$avgNep))
> avg <- mean(dsCase$avgNep,na.rm=TRUE)
> std <- sd(dsCase$avgNep,na.rm=TRUE)

but no number results. Please help us.


I'm sorry you are having issues.

Could you either make your project public, or construct a reproducible example?

I have the suspicion that this is not related to RStudio Cloud but to basic R usage, you are showing commands that include a variable assignment and you are saying that you are not seen a numerical result, but are you aware that when you use the assignment operator <- the result of the command on the right-hand side, gets stored on the variable of the left-hand side? so if you want to check the value that gets stored on each variable you have to type the name of the variable on the console, for example:

avg <- mean(iris$Sepal.Length,na.rm=TRUE)
#> [1] 5.843333

Created on 2020-03-03 by the reprex package (v0.3.0.9001)

Thankyou very much it's working now!

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