R-Studio for Remote Desktop Server users


We have a possible requirement for some of our researchers to use R Studio when logged on to our Windows 2012 Remote Desktop (RDP) Server.

I say "possible" because, well, people can be vague. Specifically, when the manager of the research department asked for R to be installed, he might actually mean RStudio. But people do like to conflate.

Anyway, I've installed R, no problem. However, when I install RStudio it asks where I want it to be installed, and defaults to my "C:\Users\Jeff" folder, and I can then see both R and RStudio from the Start Menu. But, when I log on with a test 'Researcher' account to the RDP server I can see R, but not RStudio.

Of course this might be a moot point if they don't want RStudio, but just in case, is there a way around this?



Is it possible you need to change user to install?

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Thank you, Mara.

I'll give that a go tomorrow (right now I'm off home).


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Mara is the clear winner here.

That worked a treat. Thank you.

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