R studio frozen

I was working on a markdown project in R studio no problem, and now it is frozen. I cant click on anything. And my CPU usage is very high. Anybody know what I should do?

Terminate the process by whatever means is offered through your operating system.

Did that, but when I opened r studio again it was still frozen.

Frozen how? "Frozen" can mean any number of things...

Do you see a little stop sign indicating R is busy? Does the interface not fully load? Can you resize the application window or drag it around?

Yes sorry, meaning there is no stop sign in the corner. The interface does fully load. I can drag the box around the screen. However what I cannot do is type any code or click anything at all displayed. I am able to see the drop down options for file but if I click on something under file nothing happens, I also cannot close the program, and have to use control alt delete.

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