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I am trying to find the column mean and std for my new data set results from my bootstrap, I was trying to use mean(results$V1) but it isnt working as its a vector. Not too sure where to go from here but hopefully the fix isnt hard. The Bootstrap had no issues and ran fine, it created the new data set results and I just need to find the mean and std for those individual columns

nBoot = 1000
> results = array(NA, dim = c(nBoot, length(unique(DATAWAR$Name))))
> J = 1
> for (name in unique(DATAWAR$Name)) {
+   tempdata = DATAWAR[DATAWAR$Name == name,"CustomWAR"]
+   n = length(tempdata)
+   for(i in 1:nBoot){
+     dat = sample(tempdata, n, replace = T)
+     results[i, J]= sum(dat)
+   }
+   J = J+1
+ }
> mean(results$V1)
Error in results$V1 : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors

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$ syntax i good for data.frames and lists, but not arrays/matrices/vectors.


m1 <- matrix(1:4,nrow = 2)
colnames(m1) <- c("a","b")

# Error in m1$a : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
# [1] 1 2

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