R Studio HTML output to SharePoint


I'm not an R Studio user so forgive the newbie question. I have an R Studio user who has created HTML output of a report. If users double click on the index.html file in a file share, the report appears to work but we would like to have this presented in a web interface and I'm suggesting SharePoint.

Problem is, when users click on the index.html file (copied with all other R files to site contents) or a simple link to this file in SP, the report doesn't render properly, we just see a list of the HTML or ASMX files in that folder in SP. There was a suggestion to change the HTML file to an ASMX but when I try to embed this in a web part I get and error that a link to the ASMX can't be used in a embed code in a web part.

Long story short, is there some sort of guidance or something we're missing that we need to to do to generate an R HTML report such that this can be imported and presented on a SharePoint (Online) site?


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