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Dear Team,

We have an exiting RStudio package installed. If we need to do a new version installation, do we need to uninstall the old one or we can keep both in parallel.


You do have more options - decision depends on what you want to achieve:

  • Option 1: You want to use both release versions of the same package
    It's possible in case you've installed the second release version of the package under a different version of R.
    I realized that by having two R versions installed - if I want to keep two release versions of one package in parallel I install the older release under the older R version and the newer package release under the newer R version:

  • Option 2: You want to use the newer release version of the same package
    That's the normal case. If you install a newer package within the same R environment the older release will be replaced by the newer one automatically.

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