R Studio need Admin privileges to launch tutorials :(


i've installed R and then R Studio.
if i launch RStudio as standard user and then click on Tutorials and Select Start Tutorial it will not work unless i log as administrator.

wondering how can i tackle it.

appreciate for the help.


after some troubleshooting i've found logging as Domain User when trying to "start tutorials" it tries to write into \network area\network\user\ which is a redirection to my documents and hence getting failed. (even though its user's personal area and user have full permissions there)

if create a local standard user or launch the rstudio as admin user then it work just fine.

i could not find anywhere in the application where can change/edit the path to go to my documents as c:\users\user\documents rather then going to \network area\network\user\

will really appreciate if someone can shed a light.

Thank :slight_smile:

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