R Studio Projects not created in global options working directory

Using Mac OS 15.6 and R Studio 1.3.1073

My default working directory is:

when I create a new project in R Studio it places it in:
"/Users/xxx/Dropbox (Personal)/Data/R/"
as this folder does not exist (even as a hidden folder), R Studio creates it and I then have to manually move it to the intended location.

This dates back to when I had both personal and work Dropbox folders but this is no longer the case. I realise using Dropbox as the wd may bring its own issues, but this doesn't explain why R Studio is not recognising the chosen default wd. I have set the wd using the Browse to location function in global options.

When I run 'getwd()' outside of the newly created project it shows as "/Users/xxx/Dropbox/Data/R/"
as expected.

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