R Studio Server Pro, Package Manager, and Connect on Databricks cluster

Has anyone was able successfully install and use RStudio Server Pro (RSSP), Package Manager (RSPM), and Connect (RSC) with Databricks?
In the thread RStudio Connect with Azure Databricks it was recommended to install RSC to a separate VM, which should work. If the same concept should be applied to RSPM installation I'm not picturing how I'd manage packages from a VM that is not "talking" to Databricks cluster, on which my RSSP is installed and running.
Another option is to install RSPM on Databricks cluster along with RSSP. Has anyone done that? How did it work? Any pitfalls?
Or should I install those two programs on two different clusters (potentially more expensive option)?

Thank you for all of your replies in advance.


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https://spark.rstudio.com/examples/databricks-cluster/ provides some guidelines for using RStudio Products with Databricks. There isn't a specific section for RStudio Package Manager (RSPM), but the expectation is that RSPM would be installed outside of Databricks and then configured to communicate with other RStudio Products (RStudio Connect, RStudio Server Pro).