R studio terminates after loading rjava for shiny app



My R studio terminates when I try to run r library(RJDBC), which requires r library(rJava) on shiny app locally. I couldn't open my shiny app at all. I couldn't see the error message at all (if any) since the termination window blocks the view.

My R studio version is 1.1.453; R version is 3.5.0; java version is 10.0.1.

I have been stuck with this problem for a couple of weeks and am not familiar with Java language. Greatly appreciate any pointers. Thank you!


What version of rJava are you using?

It looks like there were fixes to support Java 10.


I am using rJava_0.9-10. I just removed my JAVAH path in terminal and did R CMD javareconf, but that didn't do the trick. When I use rJava outside shiny app, it runs just fine. (as in running library(rJava) doesn't produce any errors). But when I start using shiny server, it terminates. Not sure what else I should do.