R Studio will fail us on the UK's governments Cyber Essentials standard.

We have had a issue with rstudio desktop on our vulnerability scans for over 18 months. In fact out of the box our malware detection wont run rstudio because "Qt5Core.dll" contains an invalid signature. We "hacked" the solution by removing the signature from the file. However as we are doing work for a UK company we are required to get "cyber essentials" certificate (it's a cheap and cheerful security standard that does a good job). A requirement is all software is digitally signed (and they do test for this!).

I have googled it and several people have raised qt5core.dll issue (not as many as I expected though), and only about six posts in relation to rstudio. There were no replies or acknowledgment.

Can anyone give us a solution? (and why does rstudio ship with an invalid signature on a ".dll")

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