R Tools for Enterprise Shiny Application


We have one application where we need to create shiny web page with inputs and based on inputs data will be extracted and shown from DB on UI page. Could someone please let me know which is the best combination from below in terms of easy availability (means no need to contact CRAN website) of packages/libraries, UI and server code integration & execution complexity and performance of application. Can we create multi-page shiny web UI ?

Shiny server Open source + R studio Open source
Shiny server pro + R studio Open source
Shiny server pro + R studio server Pro

@kapil, you mentioned that you want to set up an environment that will not contact CRAN. Is this correct? If so you should use the following products (for your air-gapped environment):

  • RStudio Package Manager
  • RStudio Server Pro
  • RStudio Connect

These three products will live behind your firewall and are designed to work in an air-gapped environment. You should download the CRAN packages from a server that is connected to the Internet, and then migrate those files within the air gapped environment as described here. RStudio Package Manager will then server both RStudio Server Pro and RStudio Connect.

For your other question -- Can we create multi-page Shiny -- the short answer is yes, you can do anything with Shiny. You might consider tabsets, shinydashboard, or flexdashboard. A good example is Enterprise Dashboards with Databases.

Finally, if you are interested in RStudio professional products, please reach out to sales@rstudio.com for more info.


Thank you Nathan,

I don't know if this is right forum to discuss Costing. Is it possible for you to let me know estimated cost for these setups ?

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