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Hope you are well. My question is on R Tools. So, every time I try installing any package, such as tidyverse, R gives me a warning that R Tools is not installed. I downloaded R Tools from the relevant link mentioned in the alert. However, when I tried installing some packages today, R gave me the same alert about R Tools. This could be because R Tools and my current R project are in different folders. Is there any way I can add the path of R Tools to my current project? Or do I need to install R Tools every time I use separate folders for different projects? I am completely new to R but I really need to learn it for a project of mine. It will be great if you could kindly help me.

You only need to install RTools once, most likely your problem is because either you have installed an incompatible version or you haven't configured RTools properly (as per the installation instructions).

We need more information to help you, what is your R version and what is the RTools version you are installing?

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I have R version 4.1.0 and RTools40

OK, the versions match but since you are still getting that warning message then it means you haven't configured RTools properly.

Have you created the mentioned .Renviron file in your "Documents" folder? From the instructions instructions:

The easiest way to do so is create a text file .Renviron in your Documents folder which contains the following line:


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Thank you so much for your suggestion. It worked!

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