R: What's the logic about when to use quotation marks and when not to?

I'm having a hard time remembering when I need to enclose things in quotes and when not to.
The easiest to remember is if there's a space between words but beyond that, I can't figure it out.
For example,
quotes are not used with: library(package_name) or head(variable_name),

but they are required with: install.packages("package_name"), ls(“package:package_name”), or read_csv(readr_example(“mtcars.csv”)).

Any ideas on how to help remember when to use them and when not to?

If you do not use quotes, R assumes you are refering to the name of an object, if you use quotes, it assumes you are simply entering a character string value.

#This defines an object 
object_name <- 2

# This is the name of an object
#> [1] 2

# This is a character string
#> [1] "object_name"

Created on 2021-08-17 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

Wow, that makes it easy. I really appreciate that! Thanks a million!

This is an example where quotes would be "correct", but it works with and without quotes. You will mainly see without because it's easier to type.

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