Random Allocating Programme (is this possible)


I'm pretty new to R and have only used it for pretty general data analysis.

I have a task coming up where I need to build a random allocator and I'm considering which language to use. In your opinion is R suitable?

Essentially the programme will assist in matching company coaches to advisors in a context centre environment. There will be about 300 sessions to allocate however every coach will have a limit to the amount they are allowed to be allocated which is different for everyone. Each of them are trained in different skill sets so there are rules and limits to who can coach who.

This essentially becomes a mathematical issue as there are only so many acceptable outcomes. I have considered python and am currently using a vastly over complicated and inefficient excel / vba document to solve the problem but I need an efficient programme that will allocate the two people together based on the predefined rule set in the most mathematically logical way.

Any suggestions on how R could do this and how to go about it ?

Thanks all !!

If you can (I think it's possible, but you know your problem better) formulate your problem as mixed integer linear program, then you can solve it using https://github.com/dirkschumacher/ompr. He even mentions in README:

  • What is the cost minimal way to visit a set of clients and return home afterwards?
  • What is the optimal conference time table subject to certain constraints (e.g. availability of a projector)?
  • Sudokus
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Excellent I'll check that out, thanks !

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