?randomForest in the help function

Why can't I use the help function to look up what the arguments are in the random forest (ie. ?randomForest)

If you haven't loaded


You'll get the message

No documentation for ‘randomForest’ in specified packages and libraries:
you could try ‘??randomForest’

in which case you can bring up the description page with


If you go to the bottom of the screen, there is a link to the index page for the documentation, which includes all the function. If you don't see an Index link, you probably need to close the search box in the lower right of the screen.


thank you! does the package need to be installed in order to use the help function?

Yes, I just tried with a package I know I don't have installed


The local help server opened to return no results.

You can always go to http://cran.r-project.org, click on _packages_and look up the main link, which often provides full documentation, Google searches often lead to https://stat.ethz.ch/ which maintains some, but I don't know all, of the documentation pages. There are a couple of other sites that the search cran package documentation will lead you do. I've used one but found it difficult to navigate.

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