Rcmdr for R version 3.5.2 Patched

Hi all.
I'm new in R.
I have difficult to deeper learn start from the command usability. I'm interested to use Rcmdr, but looks not success to install in this version.

Is there any suggestion?

Hi Tamsil, welcome!

It would be easier to help you, if you could be more specific. What specific difficulties are you having? what commands are you using to install Rcmdr? What error messages are you getting? on which operating system are you?

Hi andresrcs,
Many thanks for your reply.

I use Windows'10.

It was got uncompleted / not success installation. But I have tried in next couple of days and finally I can use "Rcmdr".

I'm really beginner in R actually.
So I hope I will be able to work with R language. I'm interested learn. :slight_smile:

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