Re-establishing git version control to commit files to GitHub repository (Blogdown)

Hi everyone, I recently created a website using blogdown and now hosting it on a github repository. When I set it up, I used to the terminal to commit files using the git version control. So making changes and then commiting them to my github repository was easy.

However, now when I connect to my project, the git version control does not appear, therefore not allowing me to commit changes within R studio. And in version control, it now says "none". My guess is that the connection between the terminal and github was changed/removed. Does anyone know how to re-establish this? I've looked up instructions, but they all deal with creating the website and using the terminal to download the folder from github again.

The Git UI will show here if a Git installation is detected. We typically expect to see the installation in e.g.

C:\Program Files\Git
C:\Program Files (x86)\Git

Can you confirm that you have Git installed? If you open the Git/SVN tab in the Global Options menu, is the Git executable properly configured?

Hey Kevin. Thanks for your help. Yeah. I think so. I used "git --version" and got this:

$ git --version
git version 2.13.1

And opening up GIT/SVN tab, I get this. I'm not sure if Git executable is properly configured. Should it provide the name of my git folder?

Nope, that looks correct, assuming your Git executable does truly live at /usr/bin/git (Sorry, I erroneously assumed you were working on Windows before).

Presumedly, the project you're working on does already have a Git repository initialized? (Does a .git folder exist in that project?)

Thanks! And I think so. There is the "" along with the other folders provided with hugo (e.g., config.toml, content folder, layouts folder, public folder).

Do you know if there's something I can write in the terminal to check this?

I think git status would be enough to confirm that you have a Git repository set up for that project.

Thanks. I've been doing research on this all weekend. I still haven't figured it out and I'm wondering if this issued occurred when I updated my mac to the new software. I found a few websites. One gave instructions to download the homebrew and make sure it's installed properly. So I'm good there. Then below I read:

Enable git for this project

* Click Tools -> Version Control -> Project Setup
* Click the dropdown box Version control system and select Git
* If you don't have a Git option go back to Rstudio.

So that let me to the Rstudio website. The tricky part in my situation is that I have an already existing project. So that's where I'm at now.

Voilá!!!! It was the issue with MojaveOS. I'm not sure if you have mac, but just in case. You have to re-install command line tools in the terminal.

xcode-select --install

Doing this, the version control now works to commit files to my github repository. Thanks again for your help!

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