Reactive subset, runs locally, fails when published

Hello all,

I have a Shiny App that runs fine locally, but suffers errors when it's published the shinyapps server.
The code and data are here:

Errors are:
Warning: Error in %in%: object 'GeoRegion' not found
Warning: Error in %in%: object 'Division' not found

These both refer to areas of the code where I create reactive subsets of my original larger dataset, based on user input. I'll focus on the 'Division' related error because I suspect both errors have the same root cause.

Beginning on line 104

  BigTop100_subset <- reactive({
    filter(BigTop100, Division %in% input$Division) %>%
    filter(Region %in% input$Region) %>%
    filter(Rank <= input$Rank) %>%
    filter(Sex %in% input$Gender)

By way of troubleshooting data upload issues, I also included a text output.

output$test <- renderText(paste0(BigTop100[4,6]))

BigTop100 is one of my datasets, that I read in as a .csv file. The text output prints the contents of BigTop100, row 4, column 6, which is "200 Free". It is printed on the shinyapps server version, so I think I am successfully uploading my dataset. Beyond that I'm not sure what else in my code should be different on the server vs. locally. Any help would be appreciated.

Nevermind, I figured it out. I had neglected to call library(dplyr) in the app ...d'oh.

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