read.csv invalid multibyte string

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I manage to overcome my error during the reading of the csv file by using <<library(readr)>>. When I review the data frame seems that a symbol of "µ" in some of the columns is the error. My question is: Is it possible to overcome this by for example deleting this symbol from every column? Or is it possible to change the symbol for another readable character?



This issue likely stems from a file encoding issue. I'm pretty sure the issue would disappear if you convert the encoding to UTF-8. If you don't know how to convert a file to UTF-8, you can just follow these steps in Windows:

1. Find the file.
2. Right click on the file | click Open With.
3. Click Notepad.
4. Click File | then Save As.
5. Navigate to the folder where you want to save your file.
6. Provide a name for your file.
7. Add .csv to the end of the file.
8. Make sure that the encoding is set to UTF-8.
9. Click Save.
10. Open the newly created file.
11. Make sure that everything is correct

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This seems to work.
Also in case anyone might need there is a package to clean non UTF-8 symbols from a data frame:

df <- clean.names(df)

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